Friday, November 11, 2011


Hey everyone! I told you I got a new blog that I post pictures on! Well... If you haven't checked it out yet... I'm gonna share with you most of the pictures that I have posted! I title the photos too!
 This is Molly in, "Bad Hair Day!"
As you can see, I mostly take pictures of Molly, just because she is SUCH A GOOD model! Anyway! This one is, "Leave Me Alone!"
I took these next four pictures last night! This one is, "Merry Christmas!"
"Let it Snow!"
"Santa Won't Miss Just One!"
This is my favorite one of Buddy! "King of the House"
I didn't title this one! But she's just sooooooo CUTE!!!
This one is a little blurry... "Jesse the Fat"
"This is relaxing!" (He's in my brother's chair, which is really weird because he mostly sleeps in my mom and dad's room)
Well! I actually showed everything! About pets anyway...

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Blog!

Hey guys!! Guess what?! I have ANOTHER NEW BLOG!!!!!!!

I know what you guys are thinking... "She already has like, SIX!" Not true! Believe it or not, that one is actually my forth one! It would be my sixth, but I deleted two of them! Anyway! Here is the link to my blog. 

This blog is where I will post pictures of the whole pet gang, mainly Molly! And you will also see just random stuff that I post every once is a while! That's it!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello everybody! This post is going to be alllllll about These photos!!!! Let's see 'em, shall we?

Buddy, Max and Molly!!! Aren't they cute?!
This is my favorite one of Buddy!
Max before his haircut!
Max after his haircut! Funny story! When we went  to go pick them up from the groomers, we didn't even recognized him!!! Haha! He was put back in the kennel!! We felt so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!!!!!!!! Back to the pictures!

Fat kitty kat eating!!!!
This is my friend's dog! Isn't she adorable?! Except for that hat! Yuck! But she's still cute!
Here she is again... But with glasses!!!! And her name is Dixie, her nickname is Dixiecup!

Well, that's it!!! These are all some of my favorite pictures!!!!! Anyway, Post Ya Guys Later!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hey!!! Me again!!! Anyway! My cousin sent this to me and it was on my iPod, so I decided to show it to you guys!!!! Here it is!!

Isn't it sooooooo cute?!

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Hello!!!!!!! This is Alaina! And I would like to tell you something and it's going to be VERY short!!!!! (Not really! But it's not going to be REALLY long!)

Alright! Below (like below, "My Favorite Blogs") are some of my pets! No! I don't actually have a penguin!!! Lol! But that is my school's mascot!!!! So yeah! I still have to add Hershey... And I will, But that's the idea!!!!
And if YOU have any access to a website such as Face Book, myspace, or anything like that, you can make a pet of your own pet! Give it a name, pick the color, and then post it to the website! Just click on the link under any of my pets, and you're off! It's free too! Won't give you any viruses! 
That's it!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You an Alien?!

What's up!? I have another post coming at you, and if you dont like it...... THEN TOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!

I'm sorry! I'm not usually THAT mean! OK! ON WITH THE STORY!

Just two days ago, I was putting stuff in my room, and Buddy was crying at my doorway. He did it for a long time until I finally got annoyed, picked him up and said, "Buddy... What do you want?" I let him sniff around a little bit, and his nose went right to my sock drawer... Then I realized that he smelled his old sock! (Because the night before, I had given him a new sock, and forgot to throw away the old one)

So I opened it up, I looked, but I didn't find it. Then I looked to the side of me.... and there it was. HIS OLD SOCK!!!!!

So that goes to show you... Even though your little dog is just a baby... he can be very, VERY, VERY smart!

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Hey everyone! I know, [you don't have to say it!] I haven't posted in a while! This post is going to be about Hershey!

Ok, two weeks ago, my dad asked me if I could feed Hershey. So, like a good daughter, I said yes!

Right when I walked out there, I could tell Hershey was excited! And we don't play with him that much, so I felt bad. So then I chased him all around the shed [Where, inside is his food]! I chased him all around when I was on one side and he was on the other. I snuck up behind him and I scared him!

It was so funny because before I scared him, he was looking both ways for me. And then when I did scare him, he literally jumped in the air! And another thing... He is a 9 year old dog!!! Then I got his food and that's about it!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't You Think You're a Little to Big?

Hello!!!! It's time for me to tell you another CRAZY story about (drum roll please...) ............... Jesse!!!

Alright! I was just in the living playing with Buddy, when I was about to leave. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye, Jesse had his head in a Diet Pepsi soda can box! At first I thouhgt he was stuck, then I realized that he wanted to get in it!
(You know how catz are, they always want to get in something!)
It was really funny! Anyway, that's it!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Great! You Again!

Hey everyone! Now, before I start... I just want to say that I am just going to post at least once a month... And that's what I'm doing!

Alright! My brother just got back from Haiti,
(I don't know if I have told you guys this, but Buddy does not like Nelson! It's because Nelson tortures him!) and right as Nelson sat down he kept saying, "Buddy, Buddy!" in a really low voice. When Buddy looked at Nelson, he had this very evil look in his eye!

It's as if he was saying, "Aw Great! Why did you have to come back?! My life was perfect when you were gone! Now it's ruined!!!".
It was really funny!
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